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   ZēlBEE (zeal-bee) is an active wear apparel brand. Our name originates from the two words Zeal and Bee. Zeal is to be enthusiastic or energetic towards achieving an objective or cause. The word Bee was chosen because Bees only live 6 weeks and in that time all they do is work hard to accomplish their goals. Our zeal (passion) is to provide optimum wear to make you feel comfortable both physically and mentally trying to achieve your goals in life by feeling the best you can inside and out.
   We hope for you to always stay zealous towards achieving daily goals, surpassing any obstacles, and accomplishing your objectives. If you find yourself heading towards a different direction just take some time and ask yourself “What’s your Zeal?”.
        We want you to never lose sight of your goals and stay true to your passion.                  

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